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dryadranger asked:

☕️ talk about any of your OCs!

OOH ok this is a fun one

i think i'll talk about D'mari since he's like.. the one I draw most hahah. (All of his art is tagged #jean-rené d'mari)

He has about a million and a half aus, but the general gist of things stays the same most of the time (unless he's like a funky alien or a fish monster or something hahah)

D'mari is a really important character to me, I project on him a lot and also he's just fun. He's a real stoic, almost grumpy sort of guy, but he's suuuper soft once you get to know him. In most aus he gets into some shady line of work, a lot of spy time and hitman hours... you know how it be with ocs hahah. A common thread between aus is that he catches feelings and reveals his mushy domestic self :)

He likes dogs :) And cooking, and sleeping. Those are his fave things.

TLDR scary man actually just soft and depressed

thank you so much for asking!!! it means a ton :"D