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fuck just kidding rowling

(makes a hogwarts au despite never reading harry pooter)

dryadranger asked:

☕️ talk about any of your OCs!

OOH ok this is a fun one

i think i'll talk about D'mari since he's like.. the one I draw most hahah. (All of his art is tagged #jean-rené d'mari)

He has about a million and a half aus, but the general gist of things stays the same most of the time (unless he's like a funky alien or a fish monster or something hahah)

D'mari is a really important character to me, I project on him a lot and also he's just fun. He's a real stoic, almost grumpy sort of guy, but he's suuuper soft once you get to know him. In most aus he gets into some shady line of work, a lot of spy time and hitman hours... you know how it be with ocs hahah. A common thread between aus is that he catches feelings and reveals his mushy domestic self :)

He likes dogs :) And cooking, and sleeping. Those are his fave things. 

TLDR scary man actually just soft and depressed


thank you so much for asking!!! it means a ton :"D

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he smoke

mr scruffy cowboy d'mari, for the soul

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Captain Maud

for a small rp group im hosting on discord :3 

she be lookin kinda hot doe

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D'mari Time

he's like my favorite oc, you guys, he's so damn soft. cries

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more of that dumbass rogue

her name is anodyne its funny because it means soothing and relaxing and she is actually the exact god damn opposite of that

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that isnt fucking subtle

get you a wlw rogue that dresses like a god damn caution sign

dumbass sneaks into the enemy camp but like sees one of them trip and audibly laughs about it and gets caught

god damn

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oh no shes hot

fusion between orph and one of my friends ocs!

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Starf (star scarf)

warmup doodle of orpheus!

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They Are Buddies

character on the left belongs to my cool friend syd-nick on dA!

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aseara has become atreera

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i think the au where orph is a giant bird monster is just. Easily one of my favorites

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hes LITERALLY crackheaded but i love him SO much

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some chibis i did of my friends characters ;D

characters belong to floofhips on tumblr/dA!!

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real dnd hours. lawful good gnome paladin

their name is ixall and i love them

Discord Server

are you like me and feel like you are spamming the official waterfall server with your shit

or maybe you want a smaller community

fuck maybe you just want to make some friends


introducing: the waterfall splash zone

a chill hangout server with a slight focus on art and creativity and things like that

we're all going to be friends now. isn't that cool.

lgbt friendly, zero tolerance policy for TERFs, truscum, racists, homophobes, etc

also kin friendly


here is the link. please don't be crackheaded



reblogs are very appreciated. thank you for your time!


rb this with a ref of a humanoid oc and i might draw some later 

farraigeart asked:

hmmmm u mentioned d'mari has a boyfriend and i HAVE to ask if ur willing to share bc i am Intrigued

oh man yeah. so like i do a lot of rp groups on deviantArt and he's in this great one called giatian-pearls (its run by a good friend of mine you guys should def check it out if you're interested) and in that group he has TWO WHOLE significant others. its fuckin valid


this is the first actually human picture ive posted of him oops but like YEEHAW here's a collab piece i did with my friend syd-nick, i sketched and she lined and colored. its the ot3

d'mari's the short one in this relationship

mr. glasses is reiner and the hot lady is marie

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this is a little old but i might as well round out the fishmari posts with some Lurkin'

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the scribbliest bedtime doodle